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Basic of Software Development

Duration: 75 hours

This course is targeted at individuals wish to build skill in developing software. This course will provide participants with indebt knowledge about the analysis and design of software, the life cycle of software development and the various tools and techniques used for developing software and also develop websites using html5, css3 and java script.


SHS, basic understanding of the English language.

The participants will be able to understand and implement:

  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design
    • History
    • Object Oriented Analysis
    • Object Oriented Design
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Objects and Classes
    • Polymorphism
    • Inheritance
    • Abstraction
    • Encapsulation
  • UML
    • What is UML?
    • Why use UML?
    • Origins of UML
    • UML Diagram Types
  • Software Life Cycle Models
    • SDLC and Process Models
    • Comparing plan-driven vs. Agile methodologies
    • Transitioning to Agile processes like XP and Scrum
    • Mapping Agile principles and values to testing
  • Requirement gathering and analysis
    • Requirement analysis
    • Use case approach
    • Use cases & usage scenarios
    • Identifying use cases
    • Use cases & functional requirements
    • Benefits of Use cases
  • Agile Techniques for software development
    • scrum
    • extreme programming(XP)
    • agile modeling
    • pair programming
    • lean
    • kanban method
  • Software Development Tools & Techniques
    • Design patterns
    • domain driven design
    • continuous testing
    • Code refactoring
  • Software Quality Assurance
    • SQA Questions
    • Quality Assurance Elements
    • SQA Tasks
    • SQA Goals
  • Coding Standards
    • Structure
    • Naming conventions
    • Service Naming Conventions
    • Documentation
    • Java/C++/C/C# coding standards
Duration: 30hours
  • HTML
    • Introduction to HTML(5)
    • HTML Elements and Attributes
    • HTML forms and input attributes
    • HTML media
  • CSS(3)
    • Background, text and font
    • Borders and Border images
    • Position, float, align
  • JavaScript
    • Operators and variables
    • Decision making and loops
    • Input processing and Output formatting
    • JavaScript Functions
    • Form validations
Duration: 45hours


Theory 2 hours

Practical 3 hours

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