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Professional Diploma in Information Technology Management

Duration: One Year

Course Description

The Diploma in Information Technology Management is a course that trains participants to understand how Information Technology plays a fundamental role in both the structure and control of the modern business. A successful manager must have an excellent grasp of the functionality, capabilities and effects of the technology that he or she must implement and manage. This course presents the core concepts of Information Technology management. The course will review such key areas as corporate environment, software, databases, information systems, communications and management of personnel in relation to technology and from the point of view of the business manager. This course is ideal for management professionals and potential IT Managers who wish to gain an in depth understanding of the management of Information Technology in the modern corporation.


To qualify for the Diploma award, all modules must be completed with a score of at least 60% in all course assessments.

Course Structure

  • Semester One
    • Introduction to Programming
    • Systems Analysis and Design
    • Organizational
    • Database Systems
    • Networking
  • Semester Two
    • Web Application Development
    • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
    • Systems Administration
    • Project Work

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Step1 - Fill a registration form for the course

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