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System Administration

Duration: 57 hours

This course is targeted at individuals who wish to build skill in managing Linux systems for businesses. This course will provide participants with hands-on experience to effectively and efficiently manage a Linux platform or server.

The participants will be able to :

  • Navigate through the file system and execute command with the Command Line Interface(CLI)
  • Perform system maintenance tasks such as managing users to a larger system, backup and restore, manage packages for debian-based and rpm systems using CLI and graphics
  • Understand and manage Linux File systems using CLI and graphical tools
  • Manage essential system services such as disk quota, cron, etc...
  • Install and configure a workstation (including X) and connect it to a LAN, or a standalone PC to the Internet.

Targets : CCNA, Security Fundamentals, Systems Administrators


  • System Architecture
  • Linux Installation and Package Management
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • GNU and Unix Commands
  • Shells, Scripting and Data Management
  • User Interfaces and Desktops
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Essential System Services
  • Devices, Linux File systems, File system Hierarchy Standard
  • Security


3 hours

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Step1 - Fill a registration form for the course

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