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Web Applications Development

Duration: 57 hours

This course is targeted at individuals and organisations who wish to develop skill in creating interactive data driven web sites using PHP. This course will provide participants with hands-on sessions to enable them create professional data-driven web applications using PHP the front-end and MySql or any relational database as the back-end.


Basic of Software Development

The participants will be able to :

  • Build interactive, data-driven sites using PHP
  • Use the MVC pattern to organize code
  • Work with form data
  • Use cookies and sessions
  • Work with regular expressions, handle exceptions, and do form data validation


  • Introduction to web development with PHP
  • Coding PHP applications
  • Basic PHP skills
  • Conditional statements and loops
  • Working with strings and numbers
  • Arrays in PHP
  • Introduction to MySQL
  • Installing and Configuring MySQL
  • Connecting to MySQL
  • Using PHP MyAdmin
  • Configuring PHP for Database Support
  • PHP Functions Specific to MySQL
  • Executing MySQL Calls
    • Select
    • Insert
    • Fetch
    • Update
    • Delete
  • Retrieving Data from Forms
  • Form Handling in PHP
  • Form Validation in PHP
  • Using the MVC pattern in PHP
  • Testing and debugging PHP applications
  • Cookies and sessions
  • Functions
  • Regular expressions and exceptions handling


3 hours

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